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Conducting business in an online environment is becoming the norm day by day.  The majority of websites these days are set up for sales; however, not every ecommerce website is as well-built for ecommerce as it could be.  The following are a few of the elements of a great website design that will work well with ecommerce, making it easier for you to do business online.

Elements of a Great Design

There are several elements that you want to be sure to include in your website design, such as:

•    SEO so that your customers can easily find your storefront
•    a logical flow to the site and individual pages
•    some type of shopping cart software
•    a billing and payment software structure
•    site analyzers so that you are able to monitor your traffic
•    great images

Never underestimate the importance of the images that you place on your site.  When in the design phase, you want to be sure that your site is structured in such a way that the implementation of images is seamless.  Especially if you are selling specific items, people want to be able to see what they are buying before they actually purchase it.  You should add images of the products from various angles.  Potential customers love being able to see a product from all sides before they buy it.

Site Mechanics

Of course, the images should be great in order to enhance your site; but, you also want the site’s mechanics to function properly, as well as for the site to be easily navigable.  For instance, you want to be sure that your shopping cart as well as your billing and payment software works properly in order for your potential clients to be able to make seamless purchases without a lot of hassle. You also want to be sure that the search engines, but particularly Google, can easily find all the pages.

Site analyzers are just as important.  If you are going to put in a lot of work designing your site to maximize its potential, you want to be able to measure its profitability.  There are resources that can measure the types of traffic you are getting, from where you are getting it, and how much of your traffic is being converted into sales.  All of this information will allow you to tweak and fine tune your site as you need to in order to maximize the potential it can have. A great resource for this kind of data is Google Analytics, and best of all it’s completely free.

As you probably already know, a fair amount of SEO services must be used, or search engine optimisation work must be done yourself, as well, in order to maximize your site’s potential for higher search rankings.  You want to be sure that your site is as high as possible when searching the major search engines regardless of the search query.  If your site’s content has been optimized properly, you can expect to rank higher in the search engines. see a company such as eco seo in Swindon and how they rank for the term “seo swindon” to see how effective it can be.

A great website is measured by more than just the way the site looks to visitors.  It is mainly about such aspects that cannot be seen but that work in the background to help ensure your success.


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