It’s a Changing World

Posted on | December 4, 2012 | Comments Off

It seems that everything has changed quite dramatically over the last few years, the most obvious reason being the worldwide recession and how it has impacted on most businesses.  But also in the aspect of web design and seo. Did you know that Google have made over 500 changes in the algorithm they use to decide which page appears where in their search results? And it’s not even the end of 2012 yet!

I refer to web design and seo in the same breath because there are quite a few elements of having a website which does well that fall right into both camps. For example, use of the title tag can be used well, completely abused or in the case of many sites just duplicated over every page, any seo worth their salt will tell you that’s not a good idea for a number of reasons, however for those who don’t know much, if anything about either the optimisation or design aspects of a site, probably let their designer do this for them which is often a bad idea. Firstly because if the over use words in there or just duplicate the same title tag over the whole site, it could do more harm than good, but also because the designer isn’t interested in the optimisation of a site, so will not have done proper keyword research and just fill it with what they think you want, most likely without even asking.

As we march on towards 2013 there are so many things which have changed, it used to be that a load of junk links with the target phrase in the anchor would push you up the results, but this is no longer true, in fact, it seems that the majority of directories, blog commenting and profile links are completely worthless now, and in some instances can even harm your site.

I’m no expert although I do read some of the online seo press, so suggest everyone does the same thing if you don’t want to be left behind.


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